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The goal of this course is to help students learn the language as their true mother tongue and develop a profound understanding of Chinese culture.

The course is taught in three major blocks called LLC: Language, Literature, and Culture. The course is based on the Chinese primary and secondary school Chinese textbooks to develop students' language understanding, correct language usage, language comprehension, and at the same time cultivate students' language literacy.

Students need a good Chinese language foundation to succeed in this course.


                                              Course Schedule

  • Lower Grades (1-3):  1.5 hours per lesson, twice a week
  • Middle Grades (4-6):  2 hours per lesson, twice a week
  • Senior Grades (7-9):  2.5 hours per lesson, twice a week Essay Exercise

Lower grades: At least one essay exercise per month.
Middle and Upper grades: At least one essay exercise per week

Why Twinkle Stars?

This program will be the foundation stone for your kid. Through songs, dance, storybooks, games and role-play, your child will find that learning Mandarin can be really fun.

  •  Only qualified teachers
  •  Small class sizes
  •  Extensive experience of teaching international school students
  •  Proven Results
  •  Convenient location
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