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“ We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your guidance to Jiaxing’s Chinese throughout all these years from Primary to Secondary. We are very delighted about Jiaxing’s excellent O-level Chinese result and truly thankful that Jiaxing can be taught under you as your teaching method is very efficient. You are always very patient towards all students and would explain to them in detail. I would surely recommend it to my friends who need a Chinese tutor. Thank you very much!! ☺️ “
Christina (Singaporean)
“ Hello! My name is Cecile, I am 20 years old and have just spent 3 months learning mandarin here at Twinkle Stars. It was a really amazing experience!! Teacher Liu and Jenny welcomed me in there school and taught me so many different topics and interesting facts about China and its Culture. I am so happy with the way they taught me the language in many diverse ways and in the end a very fun experience! “
“Many thanks in advance, also for the excellent way in which you and the other teachers have provided Cécile with Mandarin language training, all the way from zero to HSK3 level, in a very short time, and the way you have looked after her and motivated her throughout the entire three months’ Training period! Good luck to Twinkle Stars.“
Wolfgang von Richthofen(German)
“Dear Jenny, We would like to express our heart felt appreciation to you and your team in teaching Jiaxing in P6. Her result had improved a lot especially in her P6 Prelim oral as she came in top 2 in her class. Her composition writing skills had also improved tremendously, which helped her to score full mark in her HCL. In addition, she had also learned how to analyse and tackle difficult questions in comprehension. We were very thankful that we had enrolled Jiaxing in your learning centre. We will definitely recommend friends who need help in this subject! Thank you very much for your kind help!“
“Since young Zhengyi had little interest in Chinese and was doing poorly in Chinese from Primary 1-4. He came to Twinkle Stars and was under Ms. Jenny’s guidance in Primary 5. His confidence with the subject was built up and he was doing well by the mid year exam in Primary 5. By the end of the year, he went on to become the top of his chinese class. This is the best testimony for Twinkle Star, Ms. Jenny and her team to be able to build a student’s confidence and guiding him to enjoy mastering the subject. He just completed his Primary 6 exam and while he is excited about the result, he is most happy he enjoyed the Chinese examination! It’s been a blessing to meet the wonderful team of teachers at Twinkle Stars. Thank you!“
Nic Yee (Singaporean)
“Twinkle Stars has been the ideal environment for my twins first introduction to the Chinese language. Shubo's bubbly personality and enthusiasm has resulted in fun and engaging lessons. The twins are excited each time they go for class and will excitedly share the songs, stories and games that they have experienced in class. At the beginning, my girl was also able to rapport well with Shubo as she was able to patiently translate some of the phrases into English so that she didn't feel overwhelmed. It is a joy to see how they have progressed from first words to sentences.“
Qing Mei (Singaporean)
“My children have been working with the team at Twinkle Stars for the past year. My son is in the midst of his IGCSE coursework and after years of struggling with the language, he has done very well in his early Mandarin exams -achieving an A on both. This is a direct result of his sessions with Twinkle Stars. My daughter is in year 8 but will also do Mandarin IGCSE. She really enjoys seeing and working with the girls at Twinkle Stars and has made significant progress over this past school year. I am very impressed with the fun and upbeat approach the teachers take to keep the kids interested (even the teenagers). They are always willing to accommodate our schedules, no matter how crazy. I recommend Twinkle Stars very highly, I am so happy we found them“
Britt (American)
“My girls, aged 8 and 6, have formed a close bond with Shubo. The lessons are fun, engaging, and enjoyable. Shubo is a dedicated teacher and always professional, but with a very warm and engaging manner. I have been impressed with the work materials used for each lesson, and the dedication of the teacher (Shubo) is evident each week. I really hope to continue with lessons, and having Shubo is a big part of this decision. We really support and appreciate the philosophy of Twinkle Starts, with making learning fun“
Rachel (New Zealand)
“Twinkle Stars has been great for our son Lukas who is a non-native speaker of Chinese. He shows an appreciation for the language and learning through play and conversation and this in our opinion is the best way to learn. Twinkle Stars has enabled him to use more Chinese vocabulary and he has as a result grown in confidence of his skills. The most important aspect for us as parents was that he enjoys his time learning. The staff have a genuine desire for students to improve their skill set and the environment is friendly and totally conducive to learning. Thank you Twinkle Stars for all you have done for Lukas and most of all for giving him the opportunity to learn Chinese in a fun way”
Karen (Srilanka) & Jens (Germany)
“My Children’s Mandarin Lessons at Twinkle stars have been so rewarding and beneficial. We have been going to Twinkle stars for almost 2 years now and the teachers are wonderful. They are so supportive and they help to build confidence in their students. They understand the GCSE and IB curriculum and plan the lessons to students’ levels. Progress reports are sent out at the end of each term so I know exactly how my children are doing. Most importantly my children really enjoy their lessons and it is never a struggle to get them to go“
Donna (Australia)
“I am so pleased that Alicia and Alex have learnt the love of learning languages as a result of their experiences at Twinkle Stars. They always walk out of the class with a broad smile”
Camilla (England)
"I just wanted to say really how lovely you all are and that Benjamin really enjoys his time with you and his Chinese has improved immensely – he understands a lot more than we think!! It is lovely to hear him speak in Chinese at home or if i ask him how to say apple in Chinese he says it and will correct my pronunciation if i have said it incorrectly!!! Thank you so much for having Benjamin last year and i am sure we will be seeing you all again soon"
Harriet (England)
“The Mandarin tuition that my son has received from Shubo and her team at Twinkle Stars has been incredibly beneficial and has provided a perfect compliment to his GCSE Mandarin studies at Tanglin school. Shubo has been very supportive in ensuring that the lessons have been tailored to mirror his school syllabus and to target his weaker areas. I have been very pleased to see a b improvement in Samuels Mandarin grades at school since he has been taking these lessons"
Julia (England)
"I can say without any doubt that Twinkle Stars Mandarin Centre is the best place to improve grades in Chinese language. My son achieved highest grade in Chinese Language in PSLE exams. I thank dedicated team of Twinkle Stars"
Selena Chin (Singaporean)
"Want to learn Chinese? I bly recommend Twinkle Stars. My daughter was struggling in Chinese language but Twinkle Stars helped her to achieve fluency and boosted her confidence with their selective material and exceptionally well trained teachers"
Ravi (Indian)
"My 7 years old son Aditya has been going to Twinkle Stars for 1.5 years. They have a way of teaching that makes learning mandarin easy & fun. We started at Twinkle Stars while living very close to the centre but even after moving almost 6 Kms away we have continued simply because we haven't found a match to Twinkle Stars. Techers seamlessly complements and enhances the learnings in school through stories, songs and art and the child learns without really feeling the pressure of learning a complex foreign language. Highly recommend Twinkle Stars to all parents."
Simran (India)
"I am so glad to have found Twinkle Star Learning Centre that offers IB Mandarin tuition. We are grateful to Ms Jenny who helped prepare my daughter for the recent IB exam. My daughter's mandarin has improved significantly and we are very happy with her achievement.
Sue Wong (Singaporean)
"My 11 years old son has been going to Twinkle Stars Learning Center for 4 months, and already he is making significant progress in his Chinese.  It is surely because of Ms Shubo's dedications. She always encourages and helps him to be confident of speaking in Chinese. When we moved to Singapore, he was too shy to speak in Chinese, but now he actively tries his Chinese and even his English outside. I am so pleased that he enjoys studying with her every week. I do recommend Twinkle Stars Learning Center for developing Chinese"
Yayoi Horiuchi (Japan)
“I wanted to let you know that Samuel got an A* for his Mandarin GCSE and we are all very proud of him.  I'm sure that much of this is due to the teaching he received from you.“
Julia Fenton (England)
“Hello Teacher, I forgot to tell you that Kim IB Chinese got 6 out of 7. It is very good result, we really appreciate you. Twinkle Stars helped her much. Now she will join university in Australia. Thank you very much.“
Sue Wong (Singaporean)
“I really thank Twinkle Stars for helping me pass HSK level 3 exam. I had no confidence but Twinkle Stars provided me the confidence needed to pass the exam. Twinkle Stars study material and teachers are excellent.“
Mohit (Indian)
“We are grateful to Ms Jenny of Twinkle Stars who helper our son to get A (268 marks) in PSLE exams.“
Ms. Lin (Singaporean)
“My child Chinese lessons at Twinkle stars have been very rewarding and beneficial for O-level. He went to ACJC.“
Mr. Zhang (Singaporean)


Why Twinkle Stars?

This program will be the foundation stone for your kid. Through songs, dance, storybooks, games and role-play, your child will find that learning Mandarin can be really fun.

  •  Only qualified teachers
  •  Small class sizes
  •  Extensive experience of teaching international school students
  •  Proven Results
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